New Professional Artwork Sneakpeak

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Hi, my new professional Artwork is being shown in Fabric Engine User Group Event


Siegefall Art Dump

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SiegeFall  for IOS and Android

I responsible as environment art team lead, Managing art task for the team of  3, teaching  te pipeline.  created Tools for auto baking LM  directional LM,  and auto bitmap placement , so the team just hit Lightmap bake button and done , integrating environment art to the game, created some model and texture such as water textures,  snow level art direction, snow textures, and hipoly snow bake on trees etc.   Modular Rock assets done by Derick Ballard, Foliage by Na Li ,  Characters , UI, and FX done by the team ,except water fall animation, water wave and water flow ( vertex flow )  is the responsible of every environment artist ( including me ).


new artwork progress sneakpeek

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I am currently working on new fan art, mostly for learning some physical based render with marmoset and substance ( for texturing) ,
its a gigantic guyver from Guyver manga series
you can check out some of the progress in my temporary imgur gallery here.

Gallery Update Mr Big fan art

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A fan art character I created for Facebook 3d fighting game challenge, he is Mr. Big from King of Fighter/Art of fighting