Gangstar cinematic footage : From Gameloft Hi-res cinematic

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in this game intro my character appear in the last few seconds.

making of cartoony head from a box in zbrush

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making of cartoony head from a box in zbrush from Arif Pribadi on Vimeo.

Hey, this is my first time to share my zbrush video

I am gonna show you
how to sculp a stylized character head just from a box.
basically box doesn’t have a proper line flow for real animation production , so why box?
it simple,box doesnt have line flow constrain about what your character gonna look like, in this little short video , I can show you how to put what is in your mind into digital sculpting with minimum lineflow and other technical barrier. 

let me know if you have question regarding the materials ,brushes, or anything

usually i am using CLAY brush, tweak, standard, and smooth brushes

Now working at Gameloft

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I am working full time as Hi-Res Artist in Gameloft Montreal.

Featured in 3dcreative Magazine

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My article: “The Making of Deep Water Marine” featured on 3dcreative Magazine
Demoreel Featured in ZbrushCentral Gallery

updated my resume
Also check out my new gallery on both 3d and 2d section.
new demoreel is here

Gallery Section Added

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My gallery section is finished, now you can browse and look at my still image artwork.

The website is online

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Hi, my name is Arif Pribadi this is my official website, its still under construction but feel free to explore.